Posted Dec 20

Front End Developer

Toronto Full Time

If you think surveys are boring, think again. At QuickTapSurvey, we make surveys easy to create, fun to do, and beautiful. We’re #1 on the app store and trusted by thousands of businesses in over 110 countries. Based in downtown Toronto, we offer all the benefits of being a startup with great work-life balance. The opportunities – for our product, and our people – are endless.


  • We need an award winning user interface builder! A Front End Developer who knows how to build good interfaces, and more importantly, how to build great ones when given the freedom and the technology. QuickTapSurvey can give you both.
  • We need a front-end developer who is the epitome of balance: Someone who is both technical and creative; someone who is detail oriented and who can see the big picture. A Front-End Developer who understands lightening fast responses that users expect today - and tomorrow.
  • We need a Front-End Developer who wants to take on the challenge of completely re-developing our web application. This is a fantastic opportunity to work side-by-side with our designer to create the ultimate front-end layout and functionality without wrestling with a legacy look.
  • As the front end developer on our team you will take the time to understand how our application is used, and visualize - then execute - a new amazing look. If you want stretch your skills and take advantage of the latest technology, this is the opportunity for you.

So how do we know you are the next Front End Developer for us? You have:

  • A creative soul with unbeatable technical skills that definitely includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, JQuery, AJAX.
    A few - optional - tricks up your sleeve: PHP, Javascript frameworks (AngularJS, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Backbone, etc).
  • A desire to be exposed to: mobile design, XCode, and whatever new and awesome tech we can get our hands on.
  • An understanding of why Agile SCRUM is awesome.
  • A stellar analytical process and a checklist that balances advanced UI development and UI frameworks against essential functionality and customization by the customer.
  • A commitment to collaboration. We use Slack internally to manage how we communicate and collaborate. We share codes and solutions; tricks and tips. Our goal is for everyone to excel and our product and company to shine.
  • A Computer Science, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, (or similar) degree - or diploma, with 3-5 years front-end development experience. Hook us up to your portfolio and show us your best stuff!
  • Charm. Your communication style, your wit, and your in-depth technical knowledge speak for themselves. Well, actually, they speak for you.

Working with QuickTapSurvey:

Convenience - We are located minutes from Union Station and King Station.
Health Benefits - We provide great medical and health benefits to keep you healthy.
Gym Membership - We subsidize a premium membership to all GoodLife locations.
Education & Training - We cover the cost of books and courses.
Swag - QuickTapSurvey t-shirts, stickers and mugs. You want it, we got it.
Hack-Day Competitions - Explore. Create. Innovate. You decide how.
Unlimited Snacks - Our kitchen is fully stocked for when the munchies hit you.
Catered Breakfast - Enjoy some tasty treats for the most important meal, every Friday.
Slack - Only the best for inter-office communication here.
Beer-O-Clock Fridays - Enjoy some cool suds on Friday afternoons, on us!

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