Posted Apr 28
Payfare Inc


Toronto Full Time

Our application is growing. We’re busy building a multi-vertical, multi-lingual, multi-currency application. We use PHP primarily, but are building out services in the best language possible for the situation. Our stack is evolving, we’re currently powered by MySQL, RabbitMQ, and Redis. We’re in the cloud (AWS) and are plotting our path to global optimization.

About You:

  • You have at least a few years of development experience under your belt.
  • You are able to put together robust, maintainable systems.
  • You’re super smart and get things done.
  • You understand the difference between smart shortcuts and ugly hacks.

We like to hire developers who have solid full-stack experience but definitely value, and accommodate, developers who choose to be more focused on either front-end and back-end development.

It’s a good sign if you’re comfortable with:

  • PHP
  • Automated unit and integration testing
  • HTTP
  • Git
  • Databases (including query performance and optimization)
  • PCI Compliance

If you have any cool side projects, open source contributions, or community involvement to showcase, please share them, and show us your GitHub profile if you have one.

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