Posted Apr 19
eSight Eyewear

Marketing Manager

Toronto Full Time

Marketing Manager

eSight is the developer of a game-changing, engineering breakthrough – electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see. We are looking for a hands-on Marketing Manager to join our team and manage a breadth of marketing and strategic projects. This individual will not be shy in bringing his or her creativity, hustle, and storytelling chops to the table, to move the eSight brand forward.

We are a well-funded, early-stage organization that is passionately driven by our simple belief that Everyone Deserves to See. It is a mission of both social and economic justice.

eSight has already succeeded in attracting an amazing amount of attention from major news outlets and social media all over the world, and we are now searching for a hands-on Marketing Manager to work with a marketing team dedicated to take this story to the next level.

We are looking for a special individual who:

  • Greatly wants to use his/her skills to make a contribution to a meaningful cause
  • Has outstanding people skills and a collaborative spirit to help implement and execute marketing strategies
  • Can think quickly, act quickly, multi-task and manage high profile projects
  • Has exceptional writing, editing, proof-reading skills and high standards for quality assurance including tone, voice, and style (you are currently tearing this document apart!)
  • Is an artisan with an exceptional command of the written and spoken word, including the ability to research complex subject matter and convert it into understandable ideas

Roles and Responsibilities

As eSight’s marketing manager, you will manage a variety of marketing-related projects, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Content creation and communications: developing campaigns to share our story across a variety of channels. This will include creating compelling copy for both online and offline channels including reports, website(s), presentations, digital content and social media, scripts (e.g. video or speeches), newsletters, information sheets, print and digital collateral, press releases, media briefings, email campaigns (creation and management) and general talking points for eSight staff and users
  • PR: overseeing our outreach strategy and working with PR vendor(s) to effectively amplify the incredible eSight story. This will include managing our PR relationships and developing a roadmap of content depending on our strategic priorities
  • Social Media Management: Will manage eSight’s social media and content calendar, including (but not necessarily limited to) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google. This individual will combine a flair for copywriting with a solid ability to manage and analyze the results of campaigns. This individual may also work with an external party to oversee our social media activity, guiding them in content creation, scheduling, moderation and analytics.
  • Special Marketing Projects: is comfortable working on a variety of marketing or strategic projects, whether it’s creating and executing on new marketing campaigns, seeking out and telling new user stories, leading the development of new videos or photos, assisting other members of the team with sales and marketing projects, or re-launching or revamping existing brand assets (e.g. website, collateral, presentations). This individual will be organized and analytical as they thrive in a rapidly-changing, challenging and rewarding environment
  • Brand Identity: Will help to ensure that every first impression – from eSight’s staff to external marketing materials - are on-message and on-point. This individual will work regularly with our graphic designer or videographer to develop compelling assets (videos, collateral, marketing materials, etc.) to help drive our message forward and grow the value of our brand
  • Company and Industry News: will routinely keep tabs on the latest industry and eSight news, including managing materials in a central drive, and attending (or organizing) events in the blindness or wearable tech community
  • Corporate Strategy: will think strategically about getting the right message in front of the right audience, with an ability to think far outside-of-the-box and adapt on the fly
  • Internal Brand Consultant: can be a first point-of-contact for other teams to assist on messaging, slide deck creation, outreach, and the like.

Skills and Knowledge:

We are looking for a uniquely skilled and special individual, a “rare bird” who can tell our story with passion, conviction, and honesty. You may have many years of direct experience in traditional marketing, public relations, and communications, or maybe you have 1-2 years of experience in a completely different industry. We truly are looking for someone who thinks outside of the box and is passionate about the entire spectrum of marketing. This individual will also have:

  • A proven ability to always be asking “why” to creatively challenge the teams you work with, and to be always wondering “now what” to be proactive and enthusiastic in taking on new projects. You’re thinking 3 steps ahead
  • A passion for proactivity, thinking outside of the box to suggest (and then action) projects that will advance the brand
  • Excellent working knowledge of MS office applications
  • A willingness to get their hands dirty and get things done in a quest to move the eSight brand forward and share this special story with the world
  • Ability to do detailed research, fact finding and uncover new information
  • Is comfortable in developing convincing arguments to change stereotypical attitudes about the legally blind
  • Is comfortable working on a variety of projects (many areas of marketing and strategy may interest you, and you’re okay to try new things and learn as you go)
  • Can take our unique technology and the incredible story that underlies it and deliver our message to the world in a way that inspires, motivates, and captures the attention, heart, passion, and goodness in people
  • Strong ability to create, write, proof read and present copy for various uses
  • Strong knowledge of various social media platforms and social media management tools
  • Bonus points for knowledge of (or experience with): Salesforce, Facebook/Google Ad Managers, Illustrator, Google Analytics

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