Posted Apr 11
Novation Solutions

Ruby on Rails Developer

Toronto Full Time

We are looking for a self-motivated full-stack Ruby on Rails developer to join our growing development team.You are going to develop visually rich data-driven websites and dashboards.

Improve our development methodology through continuous integration, automated deployments and unit testing and establish best practices in software development.

This position is ideally suited for a technology enthusiast who is passionate, smart, creative, and proactive. Programming experience is definitely required.


3-5 years’ experience of Ruby on Rails.
General development skills should include understanding of common design patterns (MVC, Observer, Singleton, etc.), OOP concepts (Abstraction, Inheri tance, Mixins Dynamic/Duck typing), Blocks, Lambdas.
A solid grounding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript

You will be experienced in Responsive Web Design (using Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI or similar) as well as experience in using common Javascript and CSS frameworks such as jQuery, Sass, CoffeeScript, Ember, React.

Good understanding of Web Services, APIs and Object Serialisation concepts (such as JSON, REST, YAML, etc.), Data Access & ORM (specifically Active Record), Package Management (RubyGems)

Security, Routing and Authentication - with a basic understanding of the principles outlined in the Ruby on Rails Security Guide (such as SQL and XSS Injection, Session hijacking and replay attacks)

Modern agile based development approaches (TDD, BDD and Scrum), Source code management (Git and Github, Subversion) and exposure to continuous integration and unit testing frameworks.

Self-sufficient, pro-active and able to share best practice Ruby on Rails development with other team members. You will be liaising with Product Owners and Senior Management team members, so good verbal and written communication skills are essential.

Nice to have the following experiences;

Experience in using Authentication and User Registration Frameworks such as Devise

Exposure to JavaScript Graphing/Chart libraries, especially D3.js

Experience with penetrate scripting using common exploits gem such as Sonic, Juniper

firewall, Passive VLAN, WINOCPHC, IPGEN, Metasploit and LazyMap

Either experience or exposure to load balancing using Amazon AWS service

Feedback loop design methodology

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