Posted Mar 30
Iris Technologies

Full-stack Software Development Contract

Toronto Freelance

We are creating an e-paper screen to reduce the negative health repercussions of using LCD screens for individuals recovering from minor traumatic brain injuries, living with chronic migraines, or suffering from eyestrain. Iris Technologies' product is a 13.3 inch secondary computer monitor that uses E-paper technology. Iris’ secondary monitor thereby does not trigger concussion symptoms found with LCD screen use. This allows patients to reintroduce daily tasks and a level of productivity into their life.

To increase the value of the product we are offering, Iris is building out a recovery management toolkit to improve the user experience of a computer for someone with a brain injury. Additionally, this software solution will help this person track and manage their recovery.

The key responsibilities of the successful candidate include:

  • Implementing a stand-alone multi-platform desktop app designed to assist in chronic injury recovery management.
  • Conducting research, including primary studies and documentation, and integrating this knowledge into product design.
  • Working collaboratively with the team to optimize product design.

The successful candidate will be self-directed, passionate, hard-working and open minded. You will need to have some experience in C, java, python, HTML, and CSS. Front-end design is a requirement for this position. The ability to modify and adapt custom graphical user interfaces at a lower level would be considered an asset. If you are interested in this position, and believe you would be a good fit for the Iris team, please email your cover letter and resume to

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