Posted Mar 24
eSight Eyewear

Special Projects Manager

Toronto Full Time

Special Projects Manager

Role Overview

eSight is the developer of a game-changing, engineering breakthrough – electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see. We are a well-funded, early-stage organization that is passionately driven by our simple belief that Everyone Deserves to See. It is a mission of both social and economic justice.

As our organization continues to grow - both in terms of users and staff - we are looking for an organized, self-motivated and detail-oriented individual to join eSight as our Special Projects Manager. This individual will oversee and take emotional ownership and leadership of eSight’s special projects. This is an incredibly challenging and unique role, with an important and rewarding mandate.

Role Details

As eSight’s Special Projects Manager, you will do whatever it takes to ensure that the ‘trains run on time,’ and to support eSight’s staff to help move the organization forward. Within the organization, you will be looked at as a central “go-to” for unique projects and tasks, and will be flexible in offering your support in a variety of capacities.

In a sentence, mediocrity is your greatest enemy. You will constantly be on the lookout for areas of opportunity, and for ‘continuous improvement’ projects to take on, suggest, or assist with. You have a true passion for organization, project-management and ‘getting things done’.

As eSight’s Special Projects Manager, you will be open to variety of projects and tasks, including (but not limited to):

Managing or assisting with internal and external communications (from inception to scheduling and delivery)

Assisting with the creation, production or delivery of reports and presentations

Assisting with the efficiency of the eSight office to ensure that the organization’s greatest asset

its people – are provided with the right support, at the right times, and in the right areas of the office

Working cross-functionally with a variety of teams (marketing, sales, finance, HR, partnerships) to assist with projects that will move the organization forward in its mission

Assist with research-related tasks, related to both legal blindness and other special projects

Overall management of the organization’s physical and digital assets

Identifying external vendors on an as-needed basis to support internal teams or projects

Be the eyes-and-ears of eSight, scanning the landscape for news, events, or opportunities that will support the organization’s teams and needs

If you are eSight’s Special Projects Manager you are:

A social chameleon and team player who can work with (and take the time to understand) a diverse group with diverse interests

Exceptionally organized and especially in tune with the nitty gritty details; you are always thinking 3 steps ahead to ensure things get done effectively and efficiently!

Always asking “why” to creatively challenge the teams you work with, and always wondering “now what” to be proactive and enthusiastic in taking on new projects

Analytical, problem-solving, and able to make decisions on the fly. This job is not for the faint of heart, and you will work in a rapidly-changing environment with fast-paced projects and demands

An organizer: you take charge, can lead groups or projects both large and small, and are confident to manage up or down to keep priorities and projects in check

Someone who can demonstrate an outstanding level of professionalism in providing support, while exercising the right judgment, discretion, and tact as you work cross-functionally and with members of eSight’s senior management team

Proficiency with the Office suite, with an ability/openness to learn new software suites (e.g. Salesforce, Mailchimp)

Passionate about project management, work-back schedules and seeing tasks through end-to-end.

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