Posted Mar 14

Chief of Staff

Halifax Full Time

The Chief of Staff is an operational role that supports the CEO at a growing venture funded startup. The Chief of Staff is at the core of a rapidly changing organization and is one of the few people who sees the entire picture at all times.

As the Chief of Staff you get to see the inner working of the company second only to the CEO. You help others in the organization be at their best because you work closely with them and make their lives easier. You make the fast pace and sometimes hectic nature of a startup look easy.

If this role is right for you, it's safe to say you:

  • are a leader who knows how to align many different types of people on a common goal
  • can understand who needs to be involved to successfully deliver projects to completion
  • can ensure that everyone involved in an initiative is connected and accountable through constant communication
  • are able to work either independently or in a team, depending on what the current task requires
  • know when something is done, and when it is not


  • Manage projects to completion, taking direction from the CEO
  • Keep broad sets of people aligned on priorities and company reporting requirements
  • Scope project requirements and project risk
  • Monitor the progress of key projects, regularly working with other executives to track and report progress
  • You probably have a degree(s) and real experience in some combination
  • Can manage financial statements, projections and operational planning models
  • Have experience with SR&ED and IRAP
  • Have a clearly demonstrable history of getting hard things done

also, you have mastered

  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Docs
  • Trello
  • Multiple communication channels: Slack, TXT, GitHub and email

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