Posted Mar 13

Deliver the Best – VR QA Position @ Yulio

Toronto Full Time


You are excited to learn and work with cutting edge VR technologies, and with your attention to detail, will ensure that we deliver high quality products to our customers.

You enjoy complex problems, and with your advanced problem solving skills, you will identify and work with our developers to pinpoint and resolve discovered issues.

You can easily switch to a mindset that represents what our customer sees when using our products, and can provide feedback on the usability as well as bugs and issues.

You recognize the value in creating documented processes, and will work with the QA team to document processes, test cases and suggest ways to improve the overall process.

You have had several years of hands on experience in the design, development, and implementation of quality assurance processes and tools for software testing of a major commercial product.

You are experienced with Agile based system testing best practices and methodologies.

You have tested native or web based applications in the mobile space, and implemented solutions to the complexities of many mobile hardware and software devices.


Yulio provides end-to-end Virtual Reality software for architects, interior designers, real estate management and construction engineering companies to easily publish and share Virtual Reality Experiences. Traditional design tools—like sketches, 2D renderings and floorplans—couldn’t give clients an accurate experience of the finished space, leaving them disengaged and unsatisfied. Yulio’s Virtual Reality technology was designed to close this communication gap and redefine how designers work with their clients.

Yulio's VR technology plugs directly into an architect or designer's established workflow (Revit, Max, SketchUp, you name it), turning 3D models into 3D spaces. With communication as the holy grail, it connects team members and clients with live-stream conferencing, enabling rich, real-time collaboration.

We have an impressive list of paying clients, and we are working with Universities and Colleges to help students dream their designs in VR.

"The future is ours to design. Skeptics, hush: technology isn't replacing human connection. It's evolving it." – Rob Kendal, Founder


Together: You + Us

Together we will push limits, learn lots, have fun, and deliver the best:

  • Work collaboratively in a small, distributed, cross-functional team
  • As part of our QA team, work with our Product Management, UX and Dev team, to identify issues and ensure we deliver the highest quality, cutting edge VR application
  • Work on improving the QA process with suggestions and ideas, and documenting test cases and results
  • Actively participate in Scrum Planning/Standup and Retrospectives

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